Black Heart Power Gem


As a cyborg, Ebenezer Von Clutch relies on a Black Heart Power Gem as a sort of battery to remain active. When it was stolen from him, Von Clutch organized a series of events in MotorWorld to help him find the gem, as he can only stay alive temporarily without it.

Von Clutch's park mascot Willie Wumpa Cheeks came to admit that he was the one who stole the gem. After he was cornered by Crash and his friends and shot by Cortex, the gem appeared to have been lost, leaving Von Clutch in an off state. Crash inadvertently found the gem inside Willie's pumper while sucking on the remaining Wumpa Whip inside, and its retrieval enabled Von Clutch to go back to normal (at least until Crash accidentally knocked it out again).

- Thanks to YilmazB for the picture.

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