Chick 'n Stew


  • Species: Chicken (Gallus Gallus)
  • Gender: Male
  • Alignment: Good


A very peculiar pair of chicken reporters who cover racing events, these roosters provide news and commentary using their signature witty banter, playing off each other's comedic remarks. Chick Gizzard Lips does most of the talking in their reports and always speaks in a calm voice (even when he's not reporting). Stew is the excitable yin to Chick's subdued yang. He sometimes likes to swap hats and hair styles between shots, and decked-out rides are one of his passions. Both are prone to making poultry-related puns.

Интересные факты

In his original appearance, Chick's speech was based on real-life sports journalist Howard Cosell.


Crash Tag Team Racing

Озвучен(на): Quinton Flynn as Chick, Duane Shepard as Stew

Submitted by: Crasharki

The original in-game models.

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Озвучен(на): Roger Craig Smith as Chick, Kevin Michael Richardson as Stew

Submitted by: Lolwutburger

While their designs remain largely unchanged, Chick 'n Stew are much more detailed than before. Chick's comb and Stew's hair are noticeably longer, and Stew now wears a headset like Chick.

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