A basic, wooden crate.Crates, boxes, or whatever you want to call them, are one of the Crash Bandicoot franchise's most distinctive features. You can find crates in pretty much every game, but their appearances, types, and functionality tend to vary.

You are encouraged to break any crates you find. Most of them contain helpful items, but some can also be dangerous if special precautions aren't taken. For instance, a TNT crate will immediately explode if Crash spins into it, but he can safely light the fuse by jumping on it. Crates are often lumped in clusters that Crash can break through, but they can also serve as stepping platforms, trampolines, or bridges, depending on the formation.

In most platformers in the series, breaking all the crates in a level rewards you with a gem, which is needed for 100% completion. The only exceptions to this are iron crates, which are impossible to break.

There are many different types of crates. Notable examples include:

Tip: Hover over a crate or touch it for details.