The Evil Twins


  • Species: Parrots (order of Psittaciformes)
  • Gender: Male
  • Alignment: Evil


Two identical bird-like beings inside space suits look menacing at the viewer.The Evil Twins (voiced by Quinton Flynn) are powerful beings who come from the 10th Dimension. They have many fearsome abilities, such as telekinesis, the ability to bring inanimate objects to life, and opening rifts between dimensions.

Victor is the more serious of the two and he does most of the talking. He's further distingushed from his brother, Moritz, by having the deepest voice. Moritz is generally less focused than Victor and has a tendency to go off on a tangent sometimes, as well as a large appetite. Both of them have a severe grudge against Neo Cortex, who they claim to have ruined their lives.

The twins used to be Cortex's pet parrots when he was 8 years old. Cortex was testing a prototype Evolvo-Ray, with Victor and Moritz as his two test subjects. However, instead of evolving them as intended, the beam made them disappear into the 10th Dimension. The prolonged exposure to its radioactive conditions transformed them into powerful, twisted creatures.

Thanks to the combined efforts of Crash, Cortex, and his niece Nina, the Evil Twins were ultimately defeated. They were eaten by Evil Crash after escaping.

- Thanks to Crasharki for the picture.

Интересные факты

The Evil Twins were based on a couple of supposedly hateful cockatiels, owned by the girlfriend of Crash Twinsanity's lead concept artist.

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