• Species: Alien
  • Gender: Male
  • Alignment: Neutral


Two mimes stand next to each other. One is big and fat, with a large belly and a menacing grin and red eyes. The other one is small and calmly reads a book.Norm is one of Emperor Velo's racing champions. This peculiar mime from planet Fenomena can dissolve into a blue, gooey puddle and emerge as 2 different individuals: the Small Norm seen by default and a Big Norm.

Like most mimes, Small Norm is silent and speaks through gestures, though he also whistles as opposed to using his voice. He loves to read but doesn't care for racing, so Emperor Velo uses his books as leverage. Big Norm, on the other hand, is loud and rude, and he does like to show off his racing skills. The only reason he dresses like a mime is because of Small Norm's insistence, much to his chagrin.

While they don't often see eye to eye, they usually race on the same team, and they both hate losing. Surprisingly, Big Norm is a more graceful loser than his silent companion.

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