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  • Species: Alien
  • Gender: Male
  • Alignment: Neutral


Two mimes stand next to each other. One is big and fat, with a large belly and a menacing grin and red eyes. The other one is small and calm-looking, reading a book.Norm is one of Emperor Velo's intergalactic champions. This mime can dissolve into a blue, gooey puddle and emerge as 2 different Norms: himself and Big Norm.

Like most mimes, the regular Norm is silent. He talks through gestures and his main hobby is reading. He doesn't really like to race, but Emperor Velo threatens to take his books away if he doesn't.

Big Norm (voiced by Andre Sogliuzzo) is the opposite of the original one. Asides from being much bigger, he is loud, rude, and loves racing.

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