Ripper Roo


  • Species: Kangaroo (Macropus)
  • Gender: Male
  • Alignment: Evil


A blue kangaroo in a straitjacket with demented-looking eyes and a huge tongue sticking out of his mouth.Ripper Roo (sometimes known as Dr. Roo) was the first of Cortex's mutations, and also his least successful one. Crazy, insane, not-all-there, Ripper Roo's behavior is as unpredictable as a laughing blue kangaroo in a straitjacket can be.

His razor-sharp toe nails, combined with a tendency to jump around madly, make him a dangerous foe you wouldn't want to stand close to. After intense therapy, Ripper Roo became engrossed with books and science, revealing a sort of hidden genius. Unfortunately, he quickly reverts to his predominant lunatic self under certain circumstances, which would most certainly be entirely harmless otherwise (like being caught in an explosion).

- Thanks to The Wumpa Gem for the picture.

Интересные факты

  • Ripper Roo was intended to speak properly in Crash Team Racing, but the developers eventually decided to make him express himself through subtitled laughter (he does speak in the Japanese version, however). His English lines are actually still present in the game's data, despite being unused.


Crash Bandicoot

The original design.

Thanks to Alen for the picture.

Crash Bandicoot 2 (first form)

Ripper Roo has grown blond hair (tucked inside his new top hat) and a mustache. He additionally has a pair of reading glasses, a bow tie, and a cane, which acts as a pogo stick.

He is notably more collected and shows signs of great intelligence, studying subjects like physics in his new library as a hobby. This all blows up quite literally with a well placed TNT explosion.

Crash Bandicoot 2 (second form)

When hurt by an explosion, Ripper Roo reverts to his usual, demented self, losing all additional props and revealing messy hair. His appearance is somewhat similar to Albert Einstein.

Crash Team Racing

Ripper Roo has gone back to his original design, minus the visible pupils. He is much more detailed, though he looks identical otherwise.

Crash Twinsanity

The blue roo's ears are now straightened, his eyebrows are jagged, and his fur is darker.His eyes are now constantly shrinking red circles instead of yellow swirls. The sleeves on his straitjacket are looser.

Thanks to Crasharki for the picture.

N. Sane Trilogy

Озвучен(на): Jess Harnell (N. Sane Trilogy) / Andrew Morgado (CTR Nitro-Fueled)

Submitted by: The Wumpa Gem

Model by: Cory Turner

Ripper Roo looks identical to his original self, but the more modern technology allows for much greater detail, as well as the presence of realistic-looking fur. He is less expressive than before while in his calmer top-hat-wearing persona.

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