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Zam & Zem


  • Species: Alien
  • Gender: Male
  • Alignment: Evil


A green alien dog stands in front of a humanoid alien with a fierce look and a fanged grimace.Zam and Zem are Nitros Oxide's alien cronies who usually race for him and are often seen together. They are both as unpleasant as Oxide himself, though not quite as menacing.

The smaller Zam's canine behavior contrasts his frog-like appearance (which includes a retractable tongue and a swelling vocal sac). His usual barking suggests he's unable to speak.

Zem has an insatiable appetite and a nasty burping habit, as well as an apparent taste for punk rock.

- Thanks to Samno for the Zam picture and Crasharki for the Zem picture.

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