Crash Bandicoot Purple: Ripto's Rampage - Story

Never one to simply accept defeat, Cortex decides to get some help to defeat Crash Bandicoot and take over the world. He has found his way into a different dimension and met up with a would-be-conquerer much like him: he's short, stubborn and has an arch-nemesis who always foils his plans. He's the evil sorcerer Ripto, and he's trying to get rid of Spyro the Dragon to rule the magical dragon realms.

Cortex joins forces with Ripto and he genetically modifies Ripto's minions, the Riptocs, to make them stronger. In order to trick their enemies into fighting each other, Cortex and Ripto disguise the Riptocs as bandicoots and dragons and send them off to terrorize the heroes.

When Coco and Aku Aku discover the Riptocs disguised as dragons, they call Crash to help getting rid of them. Aku Aku joins Crash along the way and they soon come across a purple dragon who's been fighting off bandicoot-esque Riptocs. Mistaking Crash for one of his enemies, Spyro tries to take him down, only to realize he's not quite the same as the Riptocs he's been fighting. Aku Aku explains their situation and they come to the conclusion that Cortex and Ripto have joined forces.

Crash and Spyro become allies themselves and set out to defeat the evil duo, taking out each other's enemy and switching worlds in the process.

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