Crash of the Titans (mobile)


  • Title: Crash of the Titans
  • Genre: Beat 'em Up
  • Platform: J2ME
  • Release date: October 2007
  • Developer: DeValley


With Crash of the Titans being released on every console, handheld, and toaster imaginable, this mobile adaptation should come as no surprise. This version of the game is a side-scrolling beat 'em up that has Crash fighting his way through hordes of enemies to reach the end of each level.

The graphics are pretty nice for an old Java game. The scenery is colorful with several different worlds to explore, and the pixel art looks very crisp, while Crash moves with a lot of fluidity. Aku Aku's design is a unique variation on his Crash of the Titans look, and Crash doesn't look too dissimilar from his classic self, aside from wearing blue gloves that aren't fingerless. These are odd choices, but far from distracting.

Like in the console versions, Crash can punch, kick, dodge, and, of course, take control of any enemies he defeats while riding on their backs. Doing so reveals a meter that shows how long you have until you're kicked off, and you can refill it by defeating more enemies. Crash can upgrade his attacks in a shop by using any collected Wumpa fruits as currency.

The game has no platforming elements to speak of. There's no way to make Crash jump manually, as he'll leap across holes on his own when he walks up to them. If you make him move in the same direction long enough, Crash breaks into a run, before finally using Aku Aku as a surfboard to go even faster.

Sometimes you'll find colored blocks obstructing your passage, which can only be broken by using certain kinds of enemies. The enemies are sufficiently varied for a mobile game of this time and there are a few bosses to be fought as well. At the end of each level, you're given a rank based on your performance. That rank awards you with Mojo points, with A being the highest rank, then B, and then C. This gives the game some replay value if you're a perfectionist.

There are also a few extra challenges. Sometimes Crash will surf to get across the ocean, with a large wave not far behind him. You can use that wave to your advantage and gain speed, but if you're not careful, you can get caught in it and lose a life. Additionally, you can participate in time trials, survival arenas, and mini-games where you collect Wumpa fruits.

To end this with a little trivia, there was a pre-release contest to have a fan's face in place of the Dimbo enemies in the game (the spiky-backed elephants). This was for a special version produced for the UK operator called O2, and it's considered even more of a rarity than the regular game these days. The winner for the contest was one Stephen Massart, and true to their word, the developers immortalized his face in this version of the game and gave him a free copy.

For a 2007 mobile game, Crash of the Titans is surprisingly easy to pick up, and there's just enough content to be worth your attention. The quality of its presentation adds to the feeling that this is a more elaborate effort than previous mobile attempts, and even though it adds nothing new to the franchise, it's decent enough to make it a shame that you can no longer acquire it legally.

- Thanks to Dri for his research on the contest.

The good

  • The combat is simple and easy to pick up
  • There are many levels and missions spread across different worlds
  • The ranking system provides replay value for completionists

The bad

  • It's a simple game that does exactly what it's going for, so there isn't much wrong with it. It's just a shame that it can't be downloaded legally anymore

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