Crash of the Titans - Story

Crash sits on the grass near Coco, who's building a machine in front of their house. Crash is holding a purple tool in his hand.

All is peaceful in Wumpa Island and Crash is just hanging out with his family outside in a moment of leisure. No sooner would they be rudely interrupted by the usual bearded scientist, Dr. Neo Cortex. Paying a visit to the bandicoots in his airship, Cortex obnoxiously announces his "triumphant" return. The bandicoots' witch doctor friend, Aku Aku, volunteers to show him a thing or two, but he and Coco get trapped in cages in a moment of distraction. As they're taken away by the airship, Crunch is shot by a laser that traps him in ice. As Cortex sets off with the captured prizes, Crash manages to shake off Aku Aku's cage.

Cortex looks tauntingly at Crash from a suspended platform, while Coco stands cuffed next to him and Uka Uka watches the scene from above.

After Crash frees Aku Aku, the two of them find themselves fighting strange mutant creatures of great proportions. Luckily for them, Crash can control these creatures with the help of Aku Aku's mystical powers. The two of them eventually arrive at the sacred Mojo Temple, where they spot Cortex's airship. It's there that they learn Cortex and Uka Uka are stealing all the Mojo from the temple so they can make their mutants bigger, meaner and stronger. Cortex then reveals that he plans to use his new generation of mutants to build the biggest device he's ever built – an island-sized robot nicknamed "The Doominator".

A gigantic robot built in Cortex's likeness can be seen floating in the horizon.

It's up to Crash and Aku Aku to rescue Coco, fight Cortex's mutant army and stop The Doominator from being finished. But as they set off on their journey, Uka Uka finally decides that Cortex is too incompetent to bring their plan to fruition and announces his replacement...

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