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Crash of the Titans - Prototype Footage

The first video of the game revealed on the Internet shows footage of a prototype build.

Here are the most noteworthy differences between the final version:

  • The debug coordinates are visible at the bottom of the screen for testing purposes.
  • Crash and the Titans are the only characters with shadows, and they're all just basic circles.
  • Health bars flicker sometimes.
  • Titans have a different special attack bar.
  • The Mojo icon looks different and doesn't fill up.
  • The Minion counter lacks an icon and is always present on-screen.
  • The green stun bars fill up from both sides instead of left to right.
  • Picking up Mojo makes an unused sound effect sometimes.
  • Crash already has all the health upgrades, despite the low amount of Mojo.
  • There is no introductory cutscene for the Yuktopus, as he is already present in the arena with a Spike (or Crash re-spawned farther away after being killed in that area). There are two big crates on each side of the arena.
  • Crash's animation is very jumpy when he's sliding.
  • There is a hint obelisk in the first area of "The Blizzard of Claws".
  • Crash has a different jacking animation for the Magmadon.
  • Crash can apparently unjack and jack the same Titan without touching the ground. This might have made it hard to switch Titans.
  • The waterfall in "Life's a Beach" doesn't have the splash fog effect. The camera angle is also different.
  • An unused cymbal effect is sometimes heard when Crash beats up a Titan.
  • Big Mojo repositories are different- they're red floating orbs instead of blue spheres in a metallic support.
  • Ropes didn't have textures yet.
  • The Scorporilla displays her regular hurt animation even after stunned.
  • Instead of the red Uka Uka smoke, there was a red force field blocking your way.
  • The Arachnina can send out missiles when robotomized and its animation needs work. There are Shellephants in the arena instead of Scorporillas.

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