Crash Tag Team Racing - Cheats - Secrets

Note: The following buttons are for the PlayStation 2 version. For Xbox and GameCube, the buttons change from:
X to A / Square to X / Circle to B / Triangle to Y / L1 to L / R1 to R

  • Credits Commentary (NTSC-U/C only): To hear Cortex and N. Gin's commentary over the game's credits, press the X button whenever a name is highlighted.
  • Loading Flatulence: During any loading screen, use the X button to hear several different burps and the Triangle button (Circle on PSP) for farts. Move the left analog stick up and down to control the pitch.
  • Taunt: When racing, press the L3 button (left analog stick inwards) to taunt. Each character has his/her own taunting animation, and there's also a different taunt for each power-up being held.
  • Baby Crash Skin: Get all of the Die-O-Ramas to unlock this skin.
  • Extra Cars and Battle Arenas: The PlayStation Portable version has a couple of exclusive battle arenas and one car for each character not seen in any other version. These can be unlocked in the PlayStation 2 version by linking the two consoles together via USB. It also unlocks the regular battle arenas and cars on the PlayStation Portable version that are otherwise locked there. There is no way to unlock this extra content in the remaining versions of the game.
  • Skip Mystery Island (by Joshua Bywaters): You can perform a sequence break and go straight to Happily Ever Faster as soon as you first reach the Midway. If you go to the entrance of Happily Ever Faster, stand on one of the sides of the closed bridge. With enough luck, you'll be able to jump inside. This is an oversight by the developers, but progress from here on out will resume normally, so you won't need to play through Mystery Island at all.
  • Party Under Astro Land (by Crashnconker): Using the debug camera, take a peek under the floor in Astro Land. You'll find all the racers besides Crash as well as Willie floating down there for some reason. These are likely leftovers from an unused event or cutscene placed out of sight.
  • Willie's Hideout (by Nise Krashoo): After the cutscene titled "To the rocket!", use the debug camera and go to Von Clutch's statue in Midway. Clip through the ground and you should find Willie Wumpa Cheeks floating under the castle nearby. Rather than being gone from the area, he was just placed out of sight.
  • Secret Message (by CrashHappy and HP Zoner): There is a hidden message in the Midway located near the turtle carousel. Jump on to the nearby kiosks as if you're heading towards Tomb Town, and if you look closely to the other side of the fence to your left, you'll see, in very small letters, the words "DR + NF". You can learn about its meaning in the trivia.

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