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10th Dimensional Iceberg Lab

While toying around in the 10th Dimension, I found a way to reach the bottom of the lab. Nothing occurs down there, but it's still an interesting thing to do:

  • Once you're in the 10th Dimension, go near the lift that takes you to Rockslide Rumble. Walk to your right and look down to find a large, metallic support beam. Try to get in front of the glowing blue fence without falling. When you're directly above the support beam, fall down onto the highest point (try not to go too far or you'll lose a life).
  • Carefully walk down the beam and jump or fall to the girder below. It takes you to the opposite direction. When you're at the lowest point of the girder, fall down and forward, to land on the highest point of the floor. If you do it right, you'll survive the fall and now you can explore the environment, just as you would in the regular Iceberg Lab.
  • Down there you can see that the lift was removed, and that's why you can't get down the normal way.
  • The most intriguing part is that there are wumpa fruits. According to the developers, these are leftovers that would have led to a boat. The boat would have taken you to Twinsanity Island.
  • Collision detection is sometimes faulty down here. Crash floats above the narrow rock passageway and he can walk on some portions of the water.

Take Cortex everywhere

- Contributed by Crashnconker

How to Do It

  • Go to Farmer Ernest's barn in N. Sanity Island. Watch the cutscene and grab Cortex after he shoots Ernest.
  • Throw Cortex near Ernest and he'll start shooting at him for a long time. This is your chance to climb down the hill and go back to the beach.
  • Once Cortex finally gets tired of shooting (the guy must really hate Ernest), he'll warp and appear by your side. Now you can grab him and drag him wherever you want! This opens up a lot of fun possibilities.
  • If you'd like to keep your current progress intact, pause the game and save the game in a slot you're not using.
  • To avoid repeating this procedure, you can save at the world crate located to the right of Farmer Ernest's barn. It's in the grassy area near the exit of Cavern Catastrophe.
  • Disable auto-save afterwards. Keep in mind that you'll have to disable it each time you load up this save slot. This is because the game crashes upon loading at certain points if Cortex is with you, potentially making your save slot useless until you delete it (the world crate mentioned in the previous step is safe).

Suggestions and Advice

  • Since you're not normally supposed to have Cortex with you, it's impossible to do certain required jumps. This is easily countered by throwing Cortex somewhere (don't worry, he won't die) and quickly moving to where you want to be. Cortex will eventually warp next to you. You can also just leave him somewhere safe and move Crash alone to the next checkpoint. Lose a life and Cortex will respawn at the checkpoint with you.
  • To take Cortex to High Seas Hi-Jinks, you'll need to go through the alternate cave that leads there, as opposed to going through Slip Slide Icecapades. Go around the big stone on the left and (very important) do not let the camera show the Cortex-shaped hole on the right. Be warned that this level is very difficult with Cortex joining you, and at the end you'll find that it's impossible to beat N. Brio and N. Tropy. You should just throw him somewhere after escaping from Rusty Walrus.
  • Don't take Cortex to the Academy of Evil or the 10th Dimension. The game crashes before you enter the Academy of Evil, and Cortex turns invisible in the 10th Dimension and disappears if you throw him. Even if you can safely get him to Rockslide Rumble, the game will crash. The portal to Twinsanity Island doesn't work either, so it's impossible to bring him there and get out of the lab. The following steps describe possible workarounds.
  • To take Cortex with you around the Academy of Evil, visit the level as Crash alone, like you usually would. Go to Classroom Chaos and keep advancing through Crash's part of the level. When you're near the part where Cortex comes out, stop and look at the open door behind you. Double jump and belly-flop on top of it. If you do it right, you'll be able to stand on top of it. Jump and you'll be on top of the ceiling. Carefully slide-jump on the left side (avoid watching the cutscene where Cortex slides in at all costs). You must fall down in the next room. Hit the checkpoint and look at the door near the ammo crate. Get on top of it using the same procedure as before and jump up to the ceiling again. Then, fall down to the room in the back where Cortex would have slided in. He'll be standing right next to the door - spin against him and you'll lose a life. When you respawn, Cortex will be there with you, and this time you can grab him.
  • To have Cortex join you, enter Bandicoot Pursuit through the end segment by jumping into the portal inside the Iceberg Lab, which is located in the second floor. Carefully disable all the traps and jump wisely, switching from Crash's path to Cortex's as necessary. Cortex will be standing near the beginning of the level. If things go well, you can grab him and carry him around. If the game is not in the mood, this might not work.

Fix the Evil Crash glitch (PlayStation 2 PAL)

- Contributed by CBFan, Crashnconker, and HP Zoner

As PlayStation 2 players in PAL regions will notice, Evil Crash is supposed to chase Cortex in Bandicoot Pursuit, but he runs around in circles instead. Using this method will temporarily fix the glitch. It's needlessly complicated, but at least you can see what the level is supposed to look like when Evil Crash actually chases Cortex:

  • Enter Bandicoot Pursuit through the end segment. You'll have to enter the portal in the Iceberg Lab, which is located in the second floor. From there, find your way back to Bandicoot Pursuit.
  • Disable all the traps and take the path backwards (or, if you're good with jumping, take Cortex's path and double jump around the hazards). Switch between paths when necessary.
  • When you reach the entrance near the checkpoint, Evil Crash will begin chasing Cortex normally. If you want the full level like this, guide Cortex to the end again, then go to the middle segment and repeat the process there. Head to the initial segment, touch the checkpoint, and lose a life. The level will proceed as it always should have, regardless of if you lose any lives afterwards.
  • Unfortunately, you'd need to repeat this process every time you wanted to play this level the normal way, making it somewhat useless in the long run. Oh well!

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