Dear Vicarious Visions

Dear Vicarious Visions,

I am sending you this message because I want you to know how much the N. Sane Trilogy means to me. You've brought me and Crash fans around the world the opportunity to relive a very big part of our childhood. Playing these games is like discovering our love for the series all over again, and I don't think the fandom can ever thank you enough for reviving our favorite marsupial hero.

It's honestly still kind of surreal. Crash was gone for such a long time, and now we're witnessing a full-fledged renaissance. Reliving these old favorites is a lot of fun, but introducing them to a new generation is even cooler. The kids love the N. Sane Trilogy, which to me just means you've done these timeless classics justice.

Speaking of kids, there are a few things that I'd like to mention. The games are just as fun as ever, but there are a few differences I've noticed between the originals that sometimes make them a little less accessible. I'm sure you've heard about some of these things, as they've been a hot topic within the fandom since the trilogy was released. I would love to see them changed sometime in the future to make the experience perfect. I feel very strongly about the N. Sane Trilogy and Crash as a whole, so I couldn't help but compile a wishlist that speaks for the fandom in general. Please don't think of this as a complaint letter in disguise — Crash fans may seem to never be satisfied, but that's just because we care a lot about these games, including the N. Sane Trilogy!

Without further ado, here are the things people want to see the most in a hypothetical patch of sorts:

What Players Want to See Changed the Most

  • The bouncing distance: Crash now covers less distance when bouncing off enemies and crates. As a result, a lot of gameplay segments change dramatically compared to the originals, and these are invariably more difficult. This includes (but is not limited to) The High Road and many bonus rounds where you need to use crates as trampolines, such as Brio's. It even makes one of the secrets practically unreachable, as demonstrated in the following video (Diggin' It bonus round): Link
  • Crash slips off edges very easily now: The tolerance for landing on a platform's edge is much lower, so you can make a jump and fall off immediately afterwards because of this. You can even fall off if you're jumping in place. The following video shows this well: Link
    This seems to happen because of Crash's hitbox, which some people are describing as being pill-shaped rather than box-shaped like in the original games. Combined with the shorter bounce distance, this makes platforming harder and certain jumps are now flat-out impossible.
  • The ice physics: Landing on ice after jumping kills your momentum, but your top speed while ice-skating is through the roof. It's almost impossible to turn around once you pick up enough speed unless you slide, and jumping from a standstill covers little to no distance. Overall, Crash is extremely slippery and this makes the Death Route in Cold Hard Crash very difficult (Crash also gets off-center in this segment in relation to the camera, which doesn't help).
  • The jetski handling: In my opinion, this is actually pretty much perfect! I like the jetski a lot more now thanks to the higher precision and the much better camera. On the other hand, many long-time players are having trouble adapting to the new controls (I had trouble at first too), so it could be interesting to add old-school controls as an option. Something that makes the jet-ski center automatically when jumping off ramps and not slide when you're turning. Analog acceleration would be a plus too, since you can already use the pressure-sensitive R2 button anyway. Some people prefer the new controls, while others don't, so I think having both control schemes would be great, even if understandably difficult to implement at this point.

Crash's bouncing distance and his slipperiness near edges are what fans of the originals and newcomers alike would like to see changed the most, because these things change the games too much and make them harder. Same goes for the somewhat unwieldy ice physics.

And now for some other things that aren't quite as meaningful, but still feel important:

The Other Important Fixes

  • Crouching after landing from a jump is finnicky. If you're not extremely precise or holding down the crouch button constantly, it takes a long time for Crash to do it, and it used to be instantaneous.
  • There's something wrong with the Death Tornado's hitbox. It's larger than the regular spin (even if you only press the button a single time), so you can no longer break a crate at the bottom of a stack without also breaking the one directly on top of it, unless you're running away as you do it. For example, try standing still and breaking the crates under the TNTs in Sphynxinator and you'll go boom. This only happens after you get the Death Tornado super-power.
  • The crushing pillars in ice levels (the ones that trigger when you're close to them) act too fast. It's actually impossible to run under a lot of them without sliding.
  • Likewise, the doors in tomb levels close too soon. You can't clear the big stairway in Sphynxinator without being crushed by the doors unless you wait.
  • Nitros hop too high now. This can kill you unpredictably as you're jumping over them. I've also seen someone encounter a glitch where one of them hopped so high it clipped through the crate stacked on top of it. The hopping should be kept to a minimum, at least when you're close to them.
  • The hitbox for the roast hogs is too big. You have to be very precise to jump over the third one in Hog Wild. I've seen tons of people having trouble with this.
  • The lone fruit above the TNT in the secret passage from Road to Ruin is missing, so the hint is gone. This one's a bit strange when there are so many new hints in every game.
  • You can't tell when a penguin is about to spin anymore. They used to have an animation for that, which made things easier (especially when speedrunning).
  • The camera in certain 2D segments won't change when you're backtracking, so Crash will be too close to the edge of the screen and it becomes hard to know what's coming (see: Piston It Away).
  • Turning around and especially spinning while underwater makes Crash move forward even if you're not moving. You can easily ram into something by accident.
  • It's impossible to cancel a boost when using the sub. It also locks your vertical movement if you're holding up or down.
  • The camera shifts abruptly when riding the motorcycle off a ramp, which is disorienting.
  • The darkness in The Lab makes it very easy to fall into a pit by accident. Even with the danger stripes on the floor, it's easy to mistake a pit for a shadow and vice-versa.
  • You can't hear the bees until they're close to you, so you can get caught off-guard when you're backtracking in Diggin' It.
  • Locked crates don't make a sound when you spin or land on them. This is important for Totally Fly because you need to figure out where they are in the dark.
  • The jetpack doesn't let you brake, and turning around immediately moves you in the direction you're facing.
  • You can't duck, crawl, or slide under the flamethrowers from Lab Assistants in tomb levels anymore.
  • The large blocks in tomb levels drop as soon as the Lab Assistants begin the animation for pulling the lever, making them more unpredictable.
  • Hitting N. Tropy doesn't freeze you in place, so you can fall off as the camera turns around.

Lastly, there are some minor glitches and presentation oversights worth mentioning, as well as some suggestions to make the experience smoother:

The Minor Fixes

  • The Restart option should always be present and not restricted to time trials. Sometimes you want to retry a level after missing some crates or dying before reaching a Death Route (or color gem in Crash 1), and it's annoying having to exit and re-enter the level. It's more noticeable now because of the longer loading times.
  • Since the loading screen for bonus rounds in Crash 1 is only there for a split-second, why not have a fade transition like in the other games? It just looks kind of weird the way it is now.
  • For consistency's sake, the checkpoint sound chould get carried over from WARPED to the first two games.
  • Crash has never looked scared when running away from the triceratops, so this'd be the perfect opportunity to fix that. He also doesn't seem to do it with the very last boulder in Crash Crush.
  • The tally in Crash 1 says "BOXES" (plural) even when you've only missed 1.
  • When going back the way you came in Cold Hard Crash's Death Route, the music doesn't change back.
  • The slipping animation is oddly absent from Crash 2's moving pillars (ruins levels), despite having been added to Crash 1's slippery surfaces.
  • In Crash 2, Crash/Coco's icons don't have the forbidden sign in character-restricted levels like in the other games.
  • The red mines in jetpack levels don't disappear when you pass through them, which can obscure the view and become disorienting.
  • The vases held by the Arabian monkeys simply pop out of existence when you die by touching one.
  • Being pushed by a Lab Assistant's shield in Piston It Away makes Crash go high up in the air in a weird manner.
  • Some of these things and more are displayed in this video: Link

This got a bit longer than I expected, but I wanted to mention as many things as possible to let the fans' voices reach you. We understand if you're too busy working on Stormy Ascent! The time trial on that one will be... interesting, to say the least!

I'd like to sign off by thanking you once again for this marvelous trilogy. Calling it a remaster plus is really selling yourselves short! Here's hoping you'll work with the series again in the future. Kudos for making it through this wall of text!

- HP Zoner

P.S. If you'd like to take a look at other things that have changed but aren't really as important or noteworthy, there is a work-in-progress log right here (who knows, it might be useful for something): Link

For more fan feedback, please check out the comments section here: Link

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