Polar Bears


A very large polar bear with a menacing grin and wearing a captain's hat, barely fitting his lower half inside a submarine smaller than him.Polar bears are a relatively uncommon sighting on the Wumpa Islands, but when things get frosty, be on the lookout for any large specimens that may have woken up from hibernation. Their size and aggressiveness aren't things to be taken light. How polar bears made their way to Australia is anyone's guess, but that's not the question you should be asking if you see one.

A few polar bears stand out from the crowd: the unimaginatively-named Polar is a cub that Crash Bandicoot has adopted as his pet, while a much larger and more vicious bear wearing a captain's hat pilots a submarine that's just a bit too small for his size, shooting mechanical bears and bombs at those who cross him. Crash was also challenged to an air race by a third one who wore a sweater and rode a flying carpet.


In Crash Bash, the mini-game Bearminator is translated to Papaguma in Japanese, literally meaning papa bear.


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