• Species: Chameleon + Frog (Crash of the Titans) / Boar (Mind Over Mutant)
  • Mutant Class: Strong
  • Alignment: Variable


This guy is like the common cold come to life. Being the disgusting gelatinous creature that he is, the Sludge can change his form and regurgitate acid on his foes.

They've taken up their abode in Wumpa Island's junkyard, and their leader is an extra strong specimen who wears a crown and ornaments made of trash.

- Thanks to Kirsten Forbes for confirming the Sludge's species.


Crash of the Titans

The original design.

Crash: Mind Over Mutant

The Sludge is drastically different in appearance, and his very species was changed (being half-boar instead of half-frog). Only certain parts of his body are transparent now, mostly his stomach. In addition, he is also much fatter.

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