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Chokkan? Crash Bandicoot

Chokkan? Crash Bandicoot (??????????????? or "Crash Bandicoot Intuition?) is a Japanese mobile game that uses the DoCoMo SH904i's motion sensors. The game is basically a sequel to Crash: Boom, Bang! for the Nintendo DS, featuring the same graphical style and being comprised of more mini-games.

Each mini-game requires you to perform specific motions while holding the phone. Some examples include the hammer throw (where you need to swing the phone around in circles; just don't actually let it go from your hand), slalom (tilt the phone sideways to make Crash steer left and right), and freefall (tilt the phone in the direction you want Crash to move).

The DoCoMo phone was never released outside Japan, and thus, neither was Chokkan?. If Crash: Boom, Bang! is of any indication, it wasn't much of a loss.

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