Cortex Chaos

Cortex Chaos, or The All-New Cortex Show, was the name of a project started by Traveller's Tales Oxford Studio after the release of Crash Twinsanity. Helmed by one of Twinsanity's main artists, Keith Webb (a.k.a. "Space Cat" among Crash fans), it was going to star Dr. Neo Cortex. Despite entering pre-production, the project never really took off, but Keith kindly revealed some of his concepts to Crash Mania in 2006:

First Proposal
First Proposal

Keith Webb: The first proposal was based on the idea that Cortex had a series of little Clones (either humanoid or robotic). He would be able to control them to do several little tasks ... such as pick up and throw bombs, collect items, or line-up to create a bridge (bit like Pikmin in some respects I suppose).

Second Proposal

Keith Webb: The Second followed a Rockman/MegaMan style idea. Cortex had been kicked out of the Evil Scientist league, because of his fratenising with the cretinous Crash Bandicoot (during Twinsanity). The new team of evil doctors, now led by N.Tropy were trying to get their revenge on Cortex for some reason or other, and so each of the levels were based around them (N.Trance/N.Tropy/N.Brio/N.Gin/N.Oxide) etc...and of course introducing new villains (Doctor N.Tombed (a huge egyptian mummy like pharoah; Doctor N.Tertain (a strangle clown like doctor) and Doctor N.Tangle (a doctor that had plants growing from him - I think?)...there were more also, but I don't remember them.

Third Proposal

Keith Webb: The Third idea somehow had Nina involved more...and used the weapon upgrades. Can't remember much more about it.

To be honest the final design would probably have incorporated all of the above ideas to create a gaming masterpiece of legendary status, but unfortunately Universal wanted to keep it on the backburner for a later date.

Space Cat out!

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