Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure - Levels

Warp Room 1

1. Jungle Jam
CrystalClear GemCrates x 42

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic0'35''50 Gold Relic0'27''50 Platinum Relic0'23''30
2. Shipwrecked
CrystalClear GemCrates x 63

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'17''70 Gold Relic1'07''70 Platinum Relic0'54''40
3. Temple of Boom
CrystalClear GemClear GemCrates x 74

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'02''70 Gold Relic0'55''70 Platinum Relic0'49''00
4. Frostbite Cavern
CrystalClear GemCrates x 114

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'31''70 Gold Relic1'17''10 Platinum Relic1'06''00
5. Just in Slime
CrystalClear GemCrates x 134

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'39''40 Gold Relic1'15''60 Platinum Relic1'06''50
Super PowerSuper Belly Flop

Warp Room 2

6. Snow Crash
CrystalClear GemClear GemCrates x 92

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'43''00 Gold Relic1'36''70 Platinum Relic1'28''00
7. Rocket Racket
CrystalClear GemCrates x 37

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic2'30''20 Gold Relic2'17''50 Platinum Relic2'05''00
8. Just Hangin'
CrystalClear GemClear GemCrates x 154

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'49''40 Gold Relic1'43''00 Platinum Relic1'27''00
9. Shark Attack
CrystalClear GemCrates x 26

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'31''60 Gold Relic1'17''00 Platinum Relic1'09''40
10. Ruined
CrystalClear GemBlue GemCrates x 89

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic2'41''80 Gold Relic2'38''80 Platinum Relic2'00''00
N. Gin
Super PowerDouble Jump

Warp Room 3

11. Snow Job
CrystalClear GemCrates x 96

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic2'12''10 Gold Relic2'08''00 Platinum Relic2'04''40
12. Ace of Space
CrystalClear GemClear GemCrates x 194

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'58''40 Gold Relic1'55''80 Platinum Relic1'39''50
13. Sunken City
CrystalClear GemGreen GemCrates x 54

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'39''60 Gold Relic1'21''70 Platinum Relic1'14''20
14. Down the Hole
CrystalClear GemCrates x 97

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic1'32''40 Gold Relic1'23''40 Platinum Relic1'07''40
15. Blimp Bonanza
CrystalClear GemCrates x 41

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic2'58''20 Gold Relic2'44''90 Platinum Relic2'36''30
Tiny Tiger
Super PowerDeath Tornado

Warp Room 4

16. Star to Finish
CrystalClear GemRed GemCrates x 113

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic2'07''60 Gold Relic1'59''50 Platinum Relic1'44''10
17. Air Supply
CrystalClear GemCrates x 49

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic2'09''30 Gold Relic1'50''40 Platinum Relic1'41''70
18. No-Fly Zone
CrystalClear GemCrates x 56

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic3'26''30 Gold Relic3'17''10 Platinum Relic3'09''60
19. Drip, Drip, Drip
CrystalClear GemCrates x 125

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic2'28''40 Gold Relic1'37''00 Platinum Relic1'29''60
20. Final Countdown
CrystalClear GemYellow GemCrates x 119

Time Trial
Sapphire Relic2'30''40 Gold Relic2'13''80 Platinum Relic1'58''20
Neo Cortex
Super PowerCrash Dash

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