Crash Bandicoot: WARPED - Levels (NTSC-J)

Note: Some relic times vary between regions. This list reflects the Japanese version of the game.
You may also be looking for the N. Sane Trilogy version of this list.

Warp Room 1

1. Toad Village
CrystalClear GemCrates x 42

Sapphire Relic1'05''00 Gold Relic0'57''50 Platinum Relic0'44''00
2. Under Pressure
CrystalClear GemCrates x 92

Sapphire Relic1'53''00 Gold Relic1'19''90 Platinum Relic1'10''50
3. Orient Express
CrystalClear GemCrates x 51

Sapphire Relic0'43''00 Gold Relic0'27''80 Platinum Relic0'18''10
4. Bone Yard
CrystalClear GemClear GemCrates x 66

Sapphire Relic1'47''00 Gold Relic1'40''20 Platinum Relic1'21''00
5. Makin' Waves
CrystalClear GemCrates x 37

Sapphire Relic1'15''00 Gold Relic1'00''20 Platinum Relic0'53''20
Tiny Tiger
Super PowerSuper Belly Flop

Warp Room 2

6. Gee Wiz
CrystalClear GemCrates x 100

Sapphire Relic1'37''00 Gold Relic1'22''70 Platinum Relic1'05''90
7. Hang 'em High
CrystalClear GemYellow GemCrates x 96
8. Hog Ride
CrystalClear GemCrates x 13

Sapphire Relic0'47''00 Gold Relic0'41''40 Platinum Relic0'35''00
9. Tomb Time
CrystalClear GemClear GemCrates x 95

Sapphire Relic1'44''00 Gold Relic1'10''00 Platinum Relic0'53''00
10. Midnight Run
CrystalClear GemCrates x 35

Sapphire Relic0'54''00 Gold Relic0'38''20 Platinum Relic0'18''30
Super PowerDouble Jump

Warp Room 3

11. Dino Might!
CrystalClear GemClear GemCrates x 112

Sapphire Relic1'35''00 Gold Relic1'25''70 Platinum Relic1'03''00
12. Deep Trouble
CrystalClear GemRed GemCrates x 83

Sapphire Relic1'52''00 Gold Relic1'26''10 Platinum Relic1'18''30
13. High Time
CrystalClear GemPurple GemCrates x 85

Sapphire Relic2'13''00 Gold Relic1'04''10 Platinum Relic0'56''90
14. Road Crash
CrystalClear GemCrates x 25

Sapphire Relic1'26''00 Gold Relic1'20''10 Platinum Relic1'17''10
15. Double Header
CrystalClear GemCrates x 91

Sapphire Relic1'28''00 Gold Relic1'21''10 Platinum Relic0'59''40
N. Tropy
Super PowerDeath Tornado

Warp Room 4

16. Sphynxinator
CrystalClear GemClear GemCrates x 105

Sapphire Relic1'42''00 Gold Relic1'22''63 Platinum Relic0'56''70
17. Bye Bye Blimps
CrystalClear GemCrates x 11

Sapphire Relic1'29''00 Gold Relic1'03''40 Platinum Relic0'51''50
18. Tell No Tales
CrystalClear GemCrates x 61
19. Future Frenzy
CrystalClear GemClear GemCrates x 134

Sapphire Relic2'03''00 Gold Relic1'34''00 Platinum Relic1'19''60
20. Tomb Wader
CrystalClear GemBlue GemCrates x 88

Sapphire Relic2'44''00 Gold Relic1'45''03 Platinum Relic1'24''00
N. Gin
Super PowerFruit Bazooka

Warp Room 5

21. Gone Tomorrow
CrystalClear GemClear GemCrates x 87

Sapphire Relic2'05''00 Gold Relic1'25''60 Platinum Relic1'02''10
22. Orange Asphalt
CrystalClear GemCrates x 20

Sapphire Relic1'36''00 Gold Relic1'31''30 Platinum Relic1'21''80
23. Flaming Passion
CrystalClear GemGreen GemCrates x 75

Sapphire Relic1'45''00 Gold Relic1'13''10 Platinum Relic0'59''40
24. Mad Bombers
CrystalClear GemCrates x 11

Sapphire Relic2'18''00 Gold Relic1'55''20 Platinum Relic1'38''10
25. Bug Lite
CrystalClear GemClear GemCrates x 120

Sapphire Relic1'49''00 Gold Relic1'34''83 Platinum Relic1'14''90
Dr. Neo Cortex
Super PowerCrash Dash

Warp Room 6

26. Ski Crazed
Clear GemCrates x 100

Sapphire Relic1'16''00 Gold Relic0'50''50 Platinum Relic0'33''30
28. Area 51?
Clear GemClear GemCrates x 24

Sapphire Relic1'53''00 Gold Relic1'49''80 Platinum Relic1'44''50
30. Rings of Power
Clear GemClear GemCrates x 33

Sapphire Relic1'20''00 Gold Relic1'01''43 Platinum Relic0'51''73

Secret Levels

31. Hot Coco
Clear GemCrates x 70

Sapphire Relic1'00''00 Gold Relic0'30''10 Platinum Relic0'19''96
32. Eggipus Rex
Clear Gem

Sapphire Relic0'55''00 Gold Relic0'50''03 Platinum Relic0'44''83

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