Crash: Mind Over Mutant (Nintendo DS) - Trivia

General Trivia

  • This game is notorious for having received the lowest reviewer scores in the series so far, a position previously held by Crash: Boom Bang! Curiously, both games were developed by Japanese studios for the Nintendo DS.
  • Despite TOSE being a Japanese studio, the game was not released in Japan.
  • N. Gin's name is misspelled as "N. Jin" in world 4, N. Jin Labs. The name is spelled correctly in Aku Aku's hints.
  • The Battler and Magmadon might have been planned to be in the game. The Chimera is a mix of all the mutants that appear in the game, and there is concept art that shows it with a Magmadon arm and a Magmadon head for a shoulder, as well as a Battler wing.


Most of the game's music is recycled from the console version of Crash of the Titans. Listed below are the game's tracks and the ones they were recycled/remixed from.

  • Opening theme: Preposterous Preambule (remix)
  • Cortex's lab, first cutscene: It's a Mechanical World
  • Wumpa Island, first cutscene: While this track isn't present in Crash of the Titans, the mini-game "Beat the Bandicoot" from the old official Crash Village website used it whenever you won a round of questions. Since every part of that website used music from Crash of the Titans, and since this track has the same style, it was likely intended for use in that game.
  • Wumpa Island: A New Hop
  • Spike Boss: Island Exploration and Fight (about 01:06 through, the part that plays when you first meet a Stench in episode 8, "Life's a Beach").
  • Crystal Mountains: The track that plays when you arrive at the circular arena from episode 3 ("A Zero's Journey"), just before the cutscene with Crash and Aku Aku.
  • Ee-lectric Boss: The music from when you first meet a Rhinoroller in episode 5 ("The Emerald Pity").
  • Deserted Wasteland: Mushrooms and Logs
  • Anubis-Vicious Boss: Snipe Music
  • Psycho-Mandrake Boss: Sludge Music
  • Rhinoroller Boss: Ratcicle Music
  • Chimera Boss: Boss Fight (06:11 through, which plays when you Jack a boss).
  • Ending Cutscene Theme: Boss Fight (00:00 - 06:10, when you're fighting a boss)

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