Crash of the Titans (Nintendo DS) - Secrets

Alternate Ending: Complete the game with 100% to unlock an alternate ending after beating Cortex.

Extended Alternate Ending (contributed by ConceptWindow): Before the alternate ending cutscene ends, blow into the mic for an easter egg.

Free Mojo

If you have a Nintendo DS or Nintendo DS Lite, inserting the Game Boy Advance version of Crash of the Titans in Slot 2 rewards you with 1000 Mojo. Doing the same with The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night will get you 500 Mojo. This can only be done once for each game.

Ending Extension

(contributed by ConceptWindow)

There is an extension to the regular ending that can only be seen if you haven't collect any gems. Before the credits roll and Coco is done talking, start blowing into the console's microphone. If you do it while the screen fades to black, you should see an extra cutscene that shows what happened to Nina. When her results appears on the Touchscreen, you can use the stylus to scroll through them.

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