Crash Racing


  • Title: Crash Racing
  • Genre: Racing
  • Platform: J2ME
  • Release date: December 2005
  • Developer: Kaolink



The unfortunately-named Crash Racing is a mobile game tied to Crash Tag Team Racing's release, sharing some of its features, art, and characters.

You can choose to play a Single Race or a Tournament. The latter drops you into a series of 3 races, all from the same environment. Get the highest overall ranking and you'll unlock a new environment and a new car for each character. The environments are named Pirate (based on Mystery Island), Castle (based on Happily Ever Faster), and Egypt (based on Tomb Town).

There are 4 characters in the game: Crash, Cortex, Nina, and Pasadena, but the handling differences come with the cars, which have 3 types of stats: grip, top speed and acceleration. When racing, your car is always running and you can't stop (though you can go faster or slow down). You can pick up pink orbs to collect power-ups and use them against other racers.

The biggest similarity with Crash Tag Team Racing is its showcase feature: clashing. When you approach another racer, the red light in the corner starts flashing, enabling you to clash (merge) both cars. In this game, clashing only makes you go faster and shoot cannon balls, though you can't pick up power-ups that way. You can cancel the effect at any time or wait for your newly-acquired partner to do it for you.

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