Crash Twinsanity (mobile)


  • Title: Crash Twinsanity
  • Genre: 2D platformer
  • Platform: Java
  • Release date: November 2004
  • Developer: Kaolink



The mobile version of Crash Twinsanity works with a simple concept: play Doc Amok until you drop. All you need to do is control Crash and guide Cortex to the end of each level. Cortex runs automatically, but his path is filled with traps, so you need to do your best to deactivate them and lead Cortex across safely. Sometimes the opposite happens, so you'll need to wait for Cortex to trigger something that clears a path for you.

The game features 6 levels (3 jungle ones and another 3 on an iceberg). Though the story mentions the Evil Twins from the console game, they are actually nowhere to be seen.

Crash can run, jump, and spin infinitely, which allows you to break crates with ease. There are Wumpa fruits and lives to be collected, as well as mid-checkpoints marked by large tiki statues. Gems are hidden throughout the levels, and you need all 5 of them to access the final level, which looks identical to all the iceberg ones.

It's a functional distraction, but clearly no more than a simple cash-grab from a time when mobile gaming was far simpler.

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