Nina Cortex


  • Species: Human Cyborg
  • Gender: Female
  • Alignment: Variable


A little girl with light blue skin, buckteeth, robotic hands, and a lowercase n on her forehead, dressed in a dark school uniform.Nina is a bionic goth and Dr. Neo Cortex's niece. Unlike her uncle, she is generally nice and loves cute animals. These "disturbing" traits concerned Cortex so much that he replaced her hands with enhanced bionic counterparts, which prevent her from hugging small animals without crushing them while also giving her super strength and agility. Hoping that she could become as evil as him, Cortex sent her to study at Madame Amberly's Academy of Evil.

Her true family ties with Cortex remain a mystery, as he once nearly referred to her as his daughter by accident.


Nina's personality changes wildly depending on the developers. Her original intended personality has only been partially represented in Crash Twinsanity. She is portrayed as a spoilt infant in Crash Bandicoot Purple (though her love for animals remains), and is later seen as an evil, sarcastic, and anti-social teenager in the Radical Entertainment games. The DS version of Crash of the Titans takes this one step further, as she can't stand cute animals in that game and her gameplay involves turning them into mutants, in a 180º turn of her original self.


  • Nina was originally created for Crash Nitro Kart in a time when it was being developed by Traveller's Tales, rather than Vicarious Visions.
  • Though she is introduced in Crash Twinsanity, Nina actually debuted in Crash Bandicoot Purple. Vicarious Visions decided to use her in their game without Traveller's Tales's knowledge.
  • Her gameplay in Crash Twinsanity originally involved her grabbing small, cute birds to swing across pits. Her hands would crush the birds and make their eyes pop out, but according to the developers, this idea was "a bit gross", so the birds were replaced with gargoyles wearing rings she can grab onto.
  • According to Crash of the Titans (Nintendo DS), Nina is 1.50m tall and weighs 50kg.


Crash Twinsanity

Voiced by: Susan Silo

The original design.

Crash Tag Team Racing

Voiced by: Amy Gross

Nina's design is largely unchanged besides being shorter and having a shinier N on her forehead. This game marks the start of her evil, spoiled teenager personality.

Crash of the Titans, Mind Over Mutant

Voiced by: Amy Gross / Debi Derryberry (Crash of the Titans DS)

Nina's gothic look is now complemented with a punk edge. The spikes on her hair are bigger, she has bigger eyes (now of a blue colour), actual eyebrows, longer eyelashes, smaller ears and buckteeth, and a more realistic nose. Her metal hands have a more human-like form (and actually look like gloves) and her outfit has changed considerably, now comprised of a black shirt, an untucked tie, and boots.

Other 3D Models

Crash Bandicoot Purple

Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 2

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