Record Book

The Record Book was once an online leaderboard for Crash Bandicoot fans around the globe to submit their personal achievements. It was closed in July 2020 due to inactivity, but an archive of the records submitted until then can be seen here.

Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure | Time Trial


Level1st placeRecord
1. Jungle JamHaggisMcKilt0'15''30
2. ShipwreckedCrashspyro1500'44''50
3. Temple of BoomHaggisMcKilt0'33''50
4. Frostbite CavernHaggisMcKilt0'53''00
5. Just in SlimePLPietras0'49''70
6. Snow CrashHaggisMcKilt1'12''60
7. Rocket RacketNtropydude2'01''30
8. Just Hangin'PLPietras1'05''60
9. Shark AttackNtropydude0'58''00
10. RuinedHaggisMcKilt1'22''00
11. Snow JobHaggisMcKilt1'21''50
12. Ace of SpacePLPietras1'02''30
13. Sunken CityHaggisMcKilt0'52''90
14. Down the HoleHaggisMcKilt0'54''90
15. Blimp BonanzaNtropydude2'30''80
16. Star to FinishPLPietras1'07''40
17. Air SupplyHaggisMcKilt1'04''70
18. No-Fly ZoneSmaz3'06''00
19. Drip, Drip, DripPLPietras1'09''80
20. Final CountdownPLPietras1'14''70

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