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Crash Nitro Kart - Time Trial

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Level1st placeRecord
Inferno IslandWickon1'31''14
Jungle BoogieSmaz1'30''29
Tiny TempleSe***dTrump2'09''41
Meteor GorgeWickon1'48''39
Barin RuinsBanditex222'07''30
Deep Sea DrivingSmaz2'35''82
Out of TimeWickon2'19''20
Clockwork WumpaWickon2'32''64
Thunder StruckSmaz3'14''49
Assembly LaneSmaz2'29''13
Android AlleySmaz2'58''57
Electron AvenueMK7Player3'43''37
Hyper SpacewayBanditex224'17''67

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