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Crash Nitro Kart (handheld) - Relic Race

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Level1st placeRecord
Inferno IslandCrashspyro1501'34''78
Jungle BoogieCrashspyro1501'29''96
Tiny TempleCrashspyro1501'16''78
Meteor GorgeYellowMarsupial2'12''53
Barin RuinsYellowMarsupial1'21''56
Deep Sea DrivingYellowMarsupial1'59''88
Out of TimeCrashspyro1502'25''73
Clockwork WumpaYellowMarsupial2'16''35
Thunder StruckCrashspyro1501'54''33
Assembly LaneCrashspyro1502'29''76
Android AlleyCrashspyro1501'40''93
Electron AvenueCrashspyro1501'58''70
Velo's Challenge------

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