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Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 2 - Time Attack

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Level1st placeRecord
Bandicoot Beachalpha-plus2'20''40
Haunted HovelCarrot-master0'53''90
Mayan Mayhemalpha-plus1'43''85
Wacky Volcanoalpha-plus2'33''35
Anarchy in AntarcticaGripcity2'32''25
Bayou BlowoutCarrot-master2'27''25
Hellenic Hijinxenzito1322'34''53
Lunatic LaboratoryCarrot-master3'00''20
Cactus Capersalpha-plus3'23''15
Goofy Galaxyalpha-plus3'15''60
Crazy In Kart-ManduCarrot-master3'29''65
Stinky Sewersalpha-plus2'15''65

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