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CTR: Crash Team Racing - Time Trial (NTSC-U)

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Level1st placeRecord
Crash CoveRjebus330'01''10
Roo's TubesGODCHUECO1'15''86
Mystery CavesLiam Joseph.T1'31''88
Sewer SpeedwayLiam Joseph.T1'11''12
Coco ParkLiam Joseph.T0'54''54
Tiger TempleLiam Joseph.T0'42''82
Papu's PyramidLiam Joseph.T1'06''41
Dingo CanyonGODCHUECO1'26''57
Blizzard BluffXx-SL4IF3R-xX1'10''26
Dragon Minescman6731'22''72
Polar PassVanessaMagic2'37''33
Tiny ArenaVanessaMagic3'19''07
N. Gin LabsGODCHUECO2'19''69
Cortex CastleGamefighter30002'16''33
Hot Air SkywayXx-SL4IF3R-xX1'59''14
Oxide StationXx-SL4IF3R-xX2'10''51
Slide ColiseumCrashspyro1501'51''47
Turbo TrackCrashspyro1501'50''93

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