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CTR: Crash Team Racing - Time Trial (PAL)

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Level1st placeRecord
Crash Coverevlix1'19''71
Roo's TubesWickon1'13''97
Mystery Cavesrevlix1'57''76
Sewer Speedwayrevlix1'45''04
Coco Parkrevlix1'18''12
Tiger Templerevlix1'36''11
Papu's Pyramidrevlix1'17''42
Dingo Canyonrevlix1'28''28
Blizzard BluffCrashpro131'11''32
Dragon Minesrevlix1'24''14
Polar PassNyX2'00''51
Tiny Arenarevlix3'04''28
N. Gin Labsrevlix2'14''40
Cortex Castlerevlix2'13''65
Hot Air SkywayNyX1'54''92
Oxide StationNyX2'03''94
Slide Coliseumrevlix1'35''71
Turbo Trackrevlix1'43''96

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