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Interview by: JumpButton

Mike PlatteterDid you want to find out more about the Nintendo DS version of Crash of the Titans? Well then, this is your lucky day! Read on as Mike Platteter from Amaze Entertainment answers this interview about their version of the game.

Q: Hello Mike, here are the questions I hope you can answer. If you can't answer them, I will be forced to send my giant robot monkey clones to destroy y- I mean that I will be understanding of this fact. Oops, sorry, some Crash fan randomness escaped me there. But, back to the subject, here are the best questions I could humanly come up with.

Does the storyline in TitansDS differ largely from the console versions, or is it basically the same but with some differences?
A: The DS game follows the console version in general, but a few things are tweaked as we put a slightly different spin on things.  For example, Nina has a much more predominant role in the DS version, and you already know about Dingodile…

Q: So I heard there was some awesome Dingodile action going on in your game. Can we expect any other ... well, UNexpected returns? Will the console cast be there?
A: As you already know, Dingodile is the first boss.  Tiny and N-Gin are also bosses in our game.  And as mentioned above, Nina features predominantly in the DS version…(much more than just a boss character)

Q: We saw in some online articles about Titans DS that there are some interesting minigames. Is it possible you could fill us in on some of those?
A: These might be alluding to what we call “Event Maps.”  Players have the choice to play these whenever they want.  These levels are mostly low stress, but high-speed.  Essentially, there are four types – Rail Grind, Roller, Slider and Steering.  Each uses the Touch Screen as a unique control mechanism.

Other than that, an image of a Pachinko board has already been released.  Each island has it’s own Pachinko board where players can win On-Demand Items, Gallery Images, Hacks (cheats) and a Mojo Jackpot.

Q: We also saw something about Wii to DS connectivity. Is that a rumor, or is that something we can look forward to with all the forward looking power we have?
A: This was an interesting idea at the time, but due to technical issues and time, we had to remove this feature.

Q: Based on some screens released around April... this version of the game looks INCREDIBLE for a DS title. Would you say there's been an increase in incredibility levels since then?
A: A LOT of polish has gone into the levels since those screenshots were released.  We think we have one of the best looking 3D DS titles that will be released this coming year.  Believe me, you haven’t seen anything – yet.

Q: Is the Titan Jacking still a large element of TitansDS? How does it work on the DS? Is the touch screen largely involved?
A: Yes, jacking is the main focus of the DS version of the game and in some cases, important to game-play.  On the DS, players can flick the icon of Aku-Aku on the Touch Screen in any direction toward a stunned enemy.  Once jacked onto the creature, in addition to having standard punches or kicks, players unleash Special Attacks via the Touch Screen or Microphone.  There are also alternate button presses to jack onto creatures and activate a “light” Special Attack.

Also, jumping while on jacked enemy creatures is unique to the DS version.

Q: How many Titans are in the DS version? How many are exclusive to DS?
A: There are 19 jackable creatures in Crash of the Titans DS.  These range from small Fodder characters to large Captain characters.  These are all exclusive to the DS version of the game.  We created these characters specifically to take advantage of the Touch Screen and Microphone features of the DS.  Some of our characters, though, were heavily influenced by the original Radical designs – but overall, the DS version is a little more “goofy” or lighthearted when it comes to enemy characters.

Q: Does the DS Version have any voice acting? If so, are there any DS exclusive actors?
A: YES!  Crash of the Titans DS features full voice acting for cut-scenes and in-game elements using the “real” Crash Bandicoot voice actors.  It’s hilarious.

During production of the game, we place held all the VO in the game with “robot” voices.  What a difference it made once we hooked up the final VO recordings.  It made a HUGE difference.

Q: The screenshots show a ton of collectable items in Crash's inventory. Any thing we can be told about those?
A: I think you are referring to the “On-Demand Items” at the bottom of the Touch Screen.  Basically, these are items you can hold on to and use when you want for restoring health, becoming temporarily invincible, setting off a Nitroglycerin explosion and more.

Beyond that, players collect three types of Tiki Masks during the game, find the Power Crystals and collect as much Mojo as possible to “spend” on upgrades.

Q: Any multiplayer or Co-op going on in this version?
A: No.  There is no Multiplayer or Co-op in Crash of the Titans DS.

Q: How many levels are in the game? Any old locations returning?
A: A lot.  There are 9 unique areas, each with 3 levels apiece (except for the last area which has 2 levels).  There’s an “Event Map” and a traditional “Bonus Map” for 8 of the areas.  There are 5 boss encounters and a unique Tutorial level.

Q: Aku Aku seems very involved... and he's on the touch screen. Is he related to the jacking touch screen elements?
A: Yeah, you need Aku-Aku to jack onto enemies.  I mention briefly how he’s used above.

Q: Does the DS version contain the same 70/30 split of Combat to Platforming?
A: More or less.  Combat is very important to Crash of the Titans DS, but I think in the end, we have slightly more platforming elements than the console game.

Q: Level Selecting or Open World?
A: There are 4 islands that have two levels each.  As you complete the boss for each island, another island opens up.  As you progress through the game, you can revisit any level already played.

Q: Any different forms of combos or new attacks not featured in console versions?
A: Crash’s attacks and moves set is based heavily on the console version and Radiical’s original design.  You may discover some surprises in the DS version though – try a few double-jumps when you get the final game.

Q: Thanks again for this interview. By the way, I forgot one. Is the GBA version being developed by you guys at Amaze as well? If so, any chance of an E3 showing?
A: I think Kirsten will be showing ALL the versions of Crash of the Titans, including the awesome GBA version.  Another team worked on that at AMAZE, but it IS very cool and a lot of fun.

You have to know that working on Crash of the Titans DS was a dream come true for me.  I’ve been a HUGE fan of Crash Bandicoot since #1 debuted on the PSOne and own all of them except for Crash Bash.  My favorites are Twinsanity and CTTR (I was able to get 1st place in every race!)

And now my new favorite is Crash of the Titans (all versions)

Keep up the great work.


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