Jeux Crash Bandicoot - 99x Handheld


This LCD handheld was produced by Tiger in 1998, possibly before WARPED came out (it uses Crash 2 art). What makes it unique is that the game has its own unique plot, setting, enemies, and even bosses, all of which are horror-based.

The story has Crash trying to locate a chest filled with gold that used to belong to the now deceased Mr. Crumb, an avaricious old man. He does this by making his way through 4 different horror-themed areas, each with 3 levels. These areas are:

  • Haunted Forest (Boss: Thorn Thing, a tree-like monster)
  • Catacombs (Boss: Grumbler, a mummy)
  • Graveyard (Boss: Digger, a skeleton)
  • Mansion (Boss: The ghost of Mr. Crumb)

The gameplay has Crash running forwards as you dodge obstacles left and right and spin enemies away, including snapper plants, ghosts, rats, and coffins. You also have to collect various items to unlock 11 of the game's 12 levels.

Mr. Crool Version

Because one horror-themed handheld by Tiger was just one too few, there was actually an earlier attempt at giving Crash fans their portable Halloween fix. This one used gave the main villain the early name Mr. Crool, and is much simpler and more repetitive, with worse graphics to boot.

Crash runs automatically in this version of the game, and the objective is to defeat the same kind of enemies as the other handheld, in order to obtain enough points in each level for a key. There are 3 levels with 3 courses each. Beat them all and you're greeted with the scarecrow-like head of one Mr. Crool's ghost. If you don't have all the keys, the game just ends right there, but if you've done well, you get to fight Mr. Crool as the game's only boss for a chance at obtaining his gold-filled chest.


  • The bosses in this game would make an unexpected return appearance over two decades later in Crash on the Run, a mobile runner game, catapulting their status to major characters and part of the mainline series.
  • More information about this game can be found through an interview with George F, one of the developers.

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