Jeux Crash Bandicoot - CR Crash Bandicoot


  • Title: CR クラッシュバンディクー
  • Genre: Pachinko
  • Release date: 2006
  • Producer: Sammy


Sammy's follow-up to 2005's Interactive Pachislot came as a fully interactive arcade machine called CR Crash Bandicoot. Released only in Japan, it features an even larger variety than its predecessor.

Pachinko games, moving figurines, virtual slots, various competitions (including race battles, dancing, and more) — CR's got it all. The 3D graphics are rendered in real time, as opposed to the Interactive Pachislot's pre-rendered movies, and everything has a gorgeous presentation. A revised version of the machine was also released, featuring some additions and general improvements.

The official website has more information about both versions of the machine, but it's all written in Japanese. Have fun looking at the videos and images, though. Ban ban ban ban ban ban bandikū!

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