Crash: Mind Over Mutant - Story

It has been a year since the Doominator robot was reduced to an inert pile of junk. Having failed to take control of the situation last time, Cortex feels the need to try his luck once more, so he makes up with his old friend Nitrus Brio and asks him to participate in his next evil plan.

Meanwhile, Coco is busy tinkering with mechanical devices as usual. This time she wants to turn the fallen Doominator's eye into an all-purpose media center. She eventually gets it working, so Crash, Aku Aku, and Crunch join her for some TV zapping. They all watch a commercial hosted by Cortex in disguise that shows some sort of technologically omnipotent headset called the NV. This headset will soon be distributed to everyone in Wumpa Island, completely free of charge.

A package with some NVs soon arrives in Crash's mail. Everyone gathers around the box and excitedly takes out some of the headsets to try them on. It's apparently as seen on TV, but unfortunately for Crash and Aku Aku, they can't tell. Crash can't touch his NV without getting shocked, and Aku Aku doesn't have the proper head shape to slide a headset on. Coco and Crunch, on the other hand, become instant addicts.

What they don't know is that everyone who's been trying out the NVs has mysteriously gone berserk. Soon it's just a matter of time until Coco and Crunch are affected too. This is all part of Cortex's sinister plan to take over the world. All he needs now is a fuel source, but he knows bad Mojo will do the trick. Luckily for him, he happens to keep an endless supply of the stuff closer than you'd think...

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