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Patrons of the Fine Marsupial Arts

Earlier this month I updated Crash Mania with a completely new design and text. The new site is still missing a lot of content, but I love writing as much as I love Crash, and I'm also preeeeetty darn stubborn, so I'm not leaving it as is. In fact, I would like this to be a new beginning for the site.

The decision to launch the new Crash Mania with half of the content missing was a conscious one, as I will need to focus my attention on other things from now on, including different projects that will bring me income. I no longer have the time to pursue this hobby of mine on a steady rhythm, and what little revenue I get from the site ads is usually just enough to cover the domain and hosting expenses.

On the other hand, if you enjoy my work and would like to help me put some time-consuming tasks aside, you can become my Patron and support me with a little something — whatever you think sounds fair! The more help I can get, the less jobs and projects I will need to take every week, and thus, the faster I can finish the new site.

Support Crash Mania on Patreon


Completing the new Crash Mania is just one of a few things I'd like to do. For starters, I'd love to get rid of the ads to make the web site cleaner and more professional-looking. I'm sure you'd like that too (let's be honest — nobody likes ads in their face).

I also want to write some neat blog articles for everyone who's a fan of the orange bandicoot (think of them as something a bit more opinionated and personal, where you and I can share our views about different things, such as characters, favorite games, the direction of the franchise, and so on).

Other goals include original videos with reviews, trivia, pastiches of unused content (including unreleased games), vlogs, and anything you might like to suggest. Since I don't have the proper equipment to record game footage (or even myself) at decent quality, your contribution will go towards this goal too. I think videos would be a lot of fun to do, and hey, I've been told I sound a lot like Cortex! (Don't worry, I lost the funny accent some time ago.)

And finally, although English may be a very common language, there are millions of Crash fans all over the world, and I'd like to bring the site to them with proper translations for everyone to read. If I get enough money to hire some translators, this too will become a reality.

Thank you for reading and I hope you'll consider supporting my work!

Click here if you'd like to go to the Patreon page.

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