Matrix Chamber


A large machine with a vaguely face-like appearance and a set of speakers.

A large robot created by Cortex, it was meant to harness the rhythmic energy of the Wumpa Islands during the Synchronization Celebration, an event that occurs every 20 years where everyone (and everything) in the islands dances in sync. Cortex would have used this energy to enslave the minds of his minions-to-be.

The Matrix Chamber featured various audio speakers designed to work with the surrounding musical atmosphere, and it seemed to mimic the moves of whoever was piloting it inside. Its jet propulsion enabled it to hover and move about more quickly. It was also designed to be portable, and it could turn into a small radio-like appearance to be carried around more easily.

The plan went awry after Fake Crash hijacked the device. His awful dancing combined with the Matrix Chamber backfiring caused pockets of bad vibes to swell around the Wumpa Islands, threatening to tear them apart. This machine was eventually put out of commission thanks to Crash and Cortex's efforts.


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