Jogos de Crash Bandicoot - Interactive Pachislot


  • Title: Interactive Pachislot クラッシュバンディクー
  • Genre: Video slots
  • Release date: 2005
  • Producer: Sammy


In 2005, Sammy released an Interactive Pachislot based on Crash Bandicoot. Like all of Sammy's Pachislots, this is more than a simple slots machine, and it's exclusive to Japan. It marks Crash's first ever arcade release.

The built-in screen, buttons, and speakers let you play small games between slot sessions that affect your earnings. The screen displays pre-rendered 3D animations of Crash and company, and it's essential for the player to know which buttons to press so that Crash can dance, run, shoot, and so forth.

The whole game is heavily based on Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex, both graphically and event-wise. You'll see recreations like Crash confronting Crunch's Lo-Lo form, running away from his Py-Ro form, or even piloting the Crash Glider to take out Cortex's tornado generators. The machine is also packed with bonus mini-games, like snowboarding and jeep rally.

You can find out more at the official web site.


  • 3 Bonus System: The classic slots challenge with modern enhancements and graphical bonuses.
  • Dance Game: Make Crash win a dance competition against Cortex.
  • Shooting Game: Pilot the Crash Glider and take out targets.
  • Interactive: This choice leads to interactive adventures. Help Crash escape Crunch and Tiny, gather crystals and defeat opponents.

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