Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced - Trivia

General Trivia

  • Like The Huge Adventure, some copies of the game came with a poster.
  • This was the first game to have different logos between NTSC-U and PAL, different names notwithstanding.
  • N. Trance's portion of the Hyperspace island is based on Salvador Dalí's painting The Persistence of Memory, with several melting clocks.
  • The level Wild Nile Ride has a hidden message under the floor before the second Checkpoint. This is impossible to view without the use of a graphical tool, but it is also present in the Official Prima Strategy Guide (see scan submitted by Ntropydude here). The message says "TATTA", followed by the Vicarious Visions logo and a smiley face.


  • The main theme is, once again, remixed from Crash 3, as is the Warp Room theme.
  • Island Intro, as well as all the Atlasphere levels, have the exact same music as the jungle levels from The Huge Adventure, which, in turn, was just a rearrangement of the jungle levels from Crash 2.
  • The Arabia, Egypt and volcano levels borrow their themes from Crash 3, with the volcano levels using the pre-historic swamp music.


  • Now It's Istanbul is a verse from the song Istanbul (Not Constantinople) by They Might Be Giants.
  • Lagooney Tunes is a reference to the Looney Tunes.
  • Prints of Persia is a reference to Prince of Persia.
  • King Too Uncommon is a pun on the name of the Egypt king Tutankamon.
  • 101 Arabian Kites is a reference to the book 1001 Arabian Nights.
  • Flockfull of Seagulls might be a reference to the music band A Flock of Seagulls.
  • Mister Lava Lava is a parody of a verse from the song Mr. Bombastic, which goes "Mister lover lover".
  • Fire Walker might be a reference to the 1986 movie Firewalker.
  • Rock the Casaba is a reference to the song Rock the Casbah.

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