Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure - Story

Uka Uka has had just about enough of Cortex's failures, but the doctor begs him to give him another chance. He convinces Uka Uka that he has a new, flawless plan that Crash couldn't possibly ruin. This time he has invented a machine called the Planetary Minimizer, and he uses it to shrink the Earth down to a miniscule size. Having the entire planet literally in the palm of his hand, Cortex declares himself as its new ruler.

Realizing the situation, Aku Aku informs Crash that they must bring the planet back to its original size. Coco can use a machine to reverse the effects of the Planetary Minimizer, but she needs crystals to power it up, so Crash sets out to find the crystals in this now miniscule world.

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