Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back - Glitches

Extra Collectibles (contributed by Angel of Death, crashbandicoot2000 and psxdriverplayer): As you may know, jumping on multiple enemies consecutively, you get bonus fruits. The more enemies you jump on, the more fruits you get, until you start receiving extra lives.

By doing an incredibly long combo, you will actually receive extra crystals and gems. There are never enough enemies in the same level to do this in the game (let alone close to each others), but it is possible to get a longer combo than usual by bouncing repeatedly on an arrow box. After jumping hundreds of times on one and landing on an enemy, you should hear an odd clicking sound and receive a prize you're not supposed to. An alternative method is to spin enemies and immediately crouching, repeating the process ad nauseum. Crouching enables you to keep the combo active, so you can use this to your advantage in a place where enemies continuously respawn in your direction.

The prizes you can get are:

  • 200-299 bounces: A crystal for each bounce after 200 (though you can only hold up to 64).
  • 300-399 bounces: A clear gem for each bounce after 300. The last 6 bounces in this range give you colored gems.

You can get a much higher completion percentage than you're supposed to by exploiting this glitch. The maximum percentage is 999%, after which the game will crash.

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