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Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled - Trivia

General Trivia

  • A couple of tentative titles for the game were Crash Team Racing Revved-Up and Crash Team Racing Revv'd Up.
  • Not counting the Stormy Ascent DLC for the N. Sane Trilogy (which wasn't free for several months), this is the first Crash Bandicoot game to feature in-app purchases.
  • A tie-in comic was produced by Beenox and released digitally on the same day as the game (read it here).
  • This game marks the first speaking appearances of Tawna, Isabella, Liz, Ami, Megumi, and Komodo Moe.


  • Scarface: In Hot Air Skyway, there are black and white pictures of Pinstripe Potoroo in the same style as the iconic theatrical poster for the movie Scarface.


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