CTR: Crash Team Racing - Cheats - Glitches

SAFFI Fire (submitted by Devanté): SAFFI Fire is a fan-coined term for an infinite boost. It can be used for Best Lap records.

To achieve SAFFI Fire, you must constantly boost for a long while (boosting around and around works for this). Basically, if you are a beginner, you should boost for at least 2 minutes. Boost over 3 minutes just to be safe. With enough practice, you can get it under 1 minute. You will know that you have SAFFI Fire when your exhaust turns completely white and you only hear the kart going at almost top speed.

Once you possess SAFFI Fire, you will always be at almost top speed. Once you go over a turbo pad, you will have "Ultimate SAFFI Fire". This is where you have higher than top speed forever and can achieve very fast times and laps. It is quite hard to maintain and is not recommended for beginners.

When turning, try to jump and slide rather than Powerslide. It helps when turning around corners. Please note that boosting while having SAFFI Fire is not recommended. If you boost a little too much, then you will lose the SAFFI Fire. If you're good enough, it's possible to achieve SAFFI Fire during a race, depending on the track. There are tracks where SAFFI Fire helps and others where it doesn't.

5 / 7 laps in Cups (submitted by Ntropydude): Go to Arcade and pick single. Choose your character and the track you wish to drive in. Highlight either the 5 or the 7 laps option, but don't accept the selection. Backtrack to the Single/Cup screen by pressing Triangle and choose Cup. After that, each track on the cup you choose will have either 5 or 7 laps, depending on which option you highlighted before.

Infinite Missiles (submitted by TimoteiLOL): First you'll need to activate a cheat mode that gives you an infinite amount of any kind of item. Then just run into a red beaker so that your current weapon/item will change. If it changes into the 3-Missiles, you'll get an infinite supply of them until you run into another red beaker.

No Language Funnies (submitted by Peter Wakeman and ConceptWindow): This only works in the PAL version. When prompted to select a language before the title screen, you can press Triangle to cancel it, leaving you with nothing but blank spaces and hyphens where words would normally be. The glitch gets really interesting in Adventure Mode, because most bosses strangely swap their heads and dialogues with each others. You can get such atrocities as Papu Papu with Pinstripe's head, Komodo Joe with Oxide's and Oxide with Papu Papu's (Ripper Roo, on the other hand, remains untouched). Another difference is that Aku Aku/Uka Uka will be silent.

The game seems to change to the Japanese language when you do this (the only problem is that neither the voice lines nor the Japanese font are there, and that's why it doesn't work). The reason it seems to do this is because the CTR challenges in adventure mode will say "CBR" along with some missing characters. CBR stands for Crash Bandicoot Racing, which is the name of the game in Japan. As you've probably guessed, these challenges use the letters CBR instead of CTR in that version. This further supports the theory that the Japanese version was built off of the PAL one, also evidenced by the fact that it retains all the improvements from it.

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