Crash Bandicoot Untold Story - Introduction (July 20)

This is an archive of a Facebook page known as "Crash Bandicoot Untold Story". It was created in 2015 by the producer and main designer of the first Crash Bandicoot, Dave Siller, as the means to illustrate his experience during the game's development. Other people's posts are included, such as questions by fans and other developers' stories.

Note: This archive contains sensitive matters posted in their original form (excluding swear words, which appear censored due to Crash Mania's policies). As a third party, Crash Mania can neither vouch for the veracity of these statements nor does it advocate an opinion on these matters.

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Dave Siller
Folks, there is a lot of info and cool stuff to come... but I have NO information about a NEW Crash Bandicoot game. I contacted a well-known Sony Producer and offered my services a couple of years back and was ignored. I am actively preparing a all-new character action game to-be-announced in the future!

After constantly hearing about the so-called "history" of CRASH BANDICOOT and being left out, ignored and downright omitted, this is why after almost twenty years that I have decided to tell my story... Stay tuned!


Dave Siller
Who am I and WHY am I doing this?

First of all, I am a veteran video game Producer and a real video game designer. My name is David Ray Siller, or have usually been known as “Dave Siller” in the Industry.

There have been loads of folks that think they can design and produced video games, but often fail. Everyone from Movie Producers, Rap Artists, Extreme Sports Athletes, Professional Sports Stars, Graffiti Artists, Fashion Designers and more have tried and failed. Everyone wants to lay claim to the “Game Designer” position, but it is NOT as easy as it might look! It is a tough job with long hours and deals with lots of stress and problems to solve.

I started in the “Arcade” aspect of the Interactive Amusements Industry long ago and designed coin-op games, while also being a passionate game player. I created the first ever 3D pool or billiards game called “COOL POOL” in about 1989. I moved on to the Consumer market joining Sunsoft of America and created and co-designed a mascot type game called “AERO the ACROBAT”. At Universal I was the co-creator of “CRASH BANDICOOT” but for some strange reason, the way history has been written about that, I have been phased out of any and all mention. Yet, my role was instrumental and significant as I will cover here. I am humble and honest and have been quiet about this for close to twenty years, But, I have been continually contacted by CB fans that knew a different story and have tried to support me all along!

I later left Universal in all its turmoil and joined Capcom to run their derelict studio. I eventually created “MAXIMO: GHOST to GLORY”. Later, I worked as the Lead designer of the “PAIN” downloadable Sony published game, but after completing the “prototype” they sent me packing. My wife was dying of colon cancer and was 1000 miles away, so it was a good thing.


Dave Siller
I have seen other so-called "History of Crash Bandicoot" videos that state Jason Rubin hated Universal Marketing Director, Kelly Flaherty, insisting that she wanted the "Willy the Wombat" name. However, she wasn't even hired there yet when this was Naughty Dog's project name since day one!

There is so much "misinformation" that is somehow fact, that is bull***t!

N. Heimer (fan)
is it true naughty dog threaten to drop the whole project and leave when universal instead on willy the wombat? as for Tawna, I heard it was some woman were offended by her who worked at universal.

Dave Siller
Naughty Dog were under contract and had NO power to threaten far superior minds to theirs. Universal Marketing had a concern that "Tawna" was too sexy and voluptuous for the game rating they hoped to achieve!.


Dave Siller
Let me say right here and now, that Charles Zembillas and Joe Pearson were great talented animation contractor's that I found and hired for Naughty Dog. These two gents are so correct about being hidden from the credit they too deserved! More on them soon...


J. Dekel (fan)
This is a great opportunity to find out, in this video, how much of the infromation regarding the original game is true?

Dave Siller
There is some truth and a load of bull***t. Sorry but the video poster was misled and he believed it to be true.

HP Zoner (fan)
One of the problems with DYKG is that it doesn't cite sources (or at least this video didn't), so when something is perceived as the truth, you'll never know when the source of a "fact" will update its information.

Why am I bringing this up? Because the Tawna story was taken from an interview I did with Jason Rubin. In fact, most of the information in the video is just copy-pasted from Crash Mania, sometimes almost word for word. This includes all the information about the removed levels and even little things like my remark about Tawna in CBB.

By the time the video was released, I had already updated the site with the real story behind Tawna after learning it from Charles Zembillas and David, but since DYKG never contacted me or included a source to their material, I couldn't stop the lie from spreading.

I'm actually writing an article detailing the common misconceptions about Crash Bandicoot, and this is one of the things I'm specifically addressing. Hopefully the truth will spread over the lie (and maybe those who read it will start taking unsourced material with a grain of salt in the future).


Dave Siller
It is GREAT to welcome a co-worker from the old Universal days... Craig Anthony Perkins ! He is a great and talented gentleman! He was my best friend there!

Craig Anthony Perkins
Thanks David. You were definitely the only one I trusted, and I learned a lot from your genius and friendship!

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