Doom Monkey


  • Species: Gibbon (Hylobatidae)
  • Mutant Class: Minion
  • Alignment: Evil


These loud and easily excited monkeys are about as idiotic as they are fond of explosives (or, as they call them, "boom things"). This would explain why they originally served under N. Gin. After the latter became stranded in Wumpa Island, they were taken in by Dr. Nitrus Brio.

Интересные факты

The Doom Monkeys were featured on the MTV Multiplayer blog as part of the post titled "Who Is The Best Video Game Monkey, Ape Or Other Primate?". Rilla Roo also appeared in the same post.


Crash of the Titans, Mind Over Mutant (Nintendo DS)

The original design.

Crash: Mind Over Mutant

Doom Monkeys are dressed differently and no longer have rockets stuck in their heads like N. Gin, but they do have live ones strapped to their backs, which they use to soar in the air and attack. The presence of a single tooth sticking out behind their bottom lips serves to more easily identify them as Nitrus Brio's new cronies.

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