Iceberg Lab


One of Dr. Neo Cortex's lairs, this is a massive laboratory built on a glaciar near N. Sanity Island. It's supported by the active machinery covers most of the place, including a whole bunch of conveyor belts, tubes, and girders that are connected to the central lab in some way.

The extremely cold temperature can sometimes freeze the door to the lab shut, but it's possible to reach the first floor by taking a floating lift. The lift itself can only be activated from inside the lab, so the only other way in is by climbing the machinery behind the scenes.

The first floor contains the main computer and the Psychetron, a device capable of warping the entire lab between dimensions. The second floor contains a large signal room with various reading consoles and screens. Cortex's personal chair sits in the middle facing an electronic world map.

For some reason, Cortex also owns public services on the glaciar, like a fried chicken restaurant and a burlesque house called the Moulin Cortex, where Tawna seems to be a star attraction if the sign is anything to go by.

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