Nefarious Tropy


  • Species: Human (Homo Sapiens Sapiens)
  • Gender: Male
  • Alignment: Evil


A tall, blue man with two strings of facial hair on his chin, wearing golden armor that is covered in various contraptions and clocks.Dr. Nefarious Tropy (N. Tropy to friends) is an old ally of Uka Uka's. He is a master of time and quantum warp technology, and his technology allows him to travel through time. Unfortunately for him, he is easily frustrated and has a very short temper, with every wasted moment feeling like an eternity to him. N. Tropy usually carries around a giant tuning fork that doubles as a weapon capable of shooting projectiles.

One of the blue doctor's proudest creations was the Time Twister, a large station capable of sending anyone and anything through time and space. After he was defeated by Crash, the Time Twister couldn't hold itself together without his constant care and control, leading to its destruction.

One of N. Tropy's hobbies is disturbing the time flow by creating time paradoxes for laughs. He speaks in a British accent.

Интересные факты

N. Tropy's name is a play on the word 'entropy', which is heavily associated with the second law of thermodynamics, but often erroneously referred to as disorder or lack of predictability. This misconception of the word's meaning alludes to the Time Twister's fate that the doctor tried to prevent, and it's the most likely origin of his name, since the character doesn't really deal with thermodynamics.


Crash Bandicoot 3, Crash Team Racing

Озвучен(на): Michael Ensign

The original design.

Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex

Озвучен(на): Corey Burton

N. Tropy no longer has the large watch on his left wrist. His head is slimmer and his eyes have stretched out irises and green sclerae. His tuning fork is much wider and pointier, resembling a bident more than anything. The color of his armor is somewhat duller, and the little tuning fork on his helmet is now facing sideways.

Thanks to Crasharki for the picture.

Crash Nitro Kart, Purple

Озвучен(на): Michael Ensign

N. Tropy has mostly reverted to his original design, except for the much brighter armor with chunkier shoulders. The clocks on his armor are yellow instead of green, and the pistons on his back appear bolted on the bottom.

Thanks to Crasharki for the picture.

Crash Twinsanity

Озвучен(на): Michael Ensign

N. Tropy went through a car wash and has come out much shinier and more polished than usual. He now wears leg armor and his left arm is either robotic or wrapped in a huge metal casing. There are 3 buttons visible on his lab coat instead of 2. N. Tropy now has 5 fingers on his right hand thanks to this becoming the norm for every character in the game, but his left arm still only has 4 (which suggests that it really is a robotic replacement). His eyes now have yellow sclerae and his ears are visible, while the clocks on his armor are blue.

N. Sane Trilogy, CTR Nitro-Fueled

Озвучен(на): Corey Burton

Model by: Daniel Williams

N. Tropy looks similar to his original design, though he's got a lot more detail all around. There are some key differences: the parts of his helmet that look like ear plugs protrude more, his eyebrows don't protrude at all, his irises are red, and his nose is longer. The doctor is also wearing knee pads, and the clocks on his armor have a healthy green glow.

Другие 3D Модели

CTR (in kart)

Crash: Boom, Bang!

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