Crash of the Titans (Nintendo DS) - Story

It's a sunny day on Wumpa Island and Crash is doing what he does best: sleeping lazily without a care in the world. He soon has a vision projected into his marsupial brain, and what first seems to be a dream turns out to be a cry for help from Aku Aku, who is telepathically communicating with Crash from Mount Wumpa, where he is being held prisoner by Dr. Neo Cortex.

Crash eventually finds and frees Aku Aku, much to Cortex's chagrin. The doc tries to stop them with the help of his mutants, but Crash borrows Aku Aku's mystical powers to take control of these incompetent creatures and defeats them all one by one, driving Cortex away.

It doesn't long until Crash and Aku Aku learn that Cortex is building a giant robot for an unknown purpose. They both set out to stop him, but Cortex has already dispatched his most trustworthy allies to get the plan underway, including someone who isn't too thrilled about his plan and seeks to usurp him...

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