Skylanders Imaginators - Story

Crash dances on the beach to a nearby boombox while Aku Aku talks to him.

All of the inhabitants of the Wumpa Islands are having a party in honor of the Synchronization Celebration, an event that happens once every 20 years when all of the worlds align perfectly. Always one to bust a move at every opportunity, Crash is enjoying the festivities as the whole place dances in sync.

The party doesn't last long, however, as you can't keep something this big from being ruined by Cortex. This time the perpetually antagonizing doctor has created a robot named the Matrix Chamber, which can harness the islands' rhythmic energy for his own selfish purposes. Hoping to take advantage of this rare opportunity, he intends to use this energy to force his minions-to-be to do his bidding.

Fake Crash dances inside a large robot.

Unfortunately for everyone, Cortex's plan goes awry as the goofy Fake Crash slips by unnoticed at the last moment, hijacking the device. This causes the machine to backfire, sending Cortex sky-high with an explosion. The worst part is that Fake Crash's awful dance moves in the Matrix Chamber are now creating pockets of bad vibes around the islands and disrupting the harmony, forcing both Crash and Cortex to stop the ensuing chaos before the entire place breaks apart!

Meanwhile, some special guests are coming over from a place far removed from this world: the Skylands. Thanks to the Synchronization Celebration, a wormhole connecting the two worlds has appeared, and the Skylanders have been invited to join the festivities on the Wumpa Islands. However, as if there wasn't enough trouble already, the Skylanders have their own problem to deal with — the dastardly Kaos is once again trying to take over their home world, and they must focus on stopping his evil plans. Never one to shy away from danger, Crash Bandicoot volunteers to jump into the wormhole and help them once the Wumpa Islands are saved from destruction!

- Thanks to Smaz for the pictures.

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