Evil Crash


  • Species: Bandicoot
  • Gender: Male
  • Alignment: Evil


An evil bandicoot who looks like a dark red Crash with fangs and huge nails.Evil Crash is Crash Bandicoot's doppelgänger from the 10th Dimension. The reason for his existence lies in this dimension's rules, essentially working as a parallel universe where everything is inverted. Though he shares Crash Bandicoot's general lack of intelligence, Evil Crash is much more savage and dangerous.

Интересные факты

  • Evil Crash is the only character from the 10th Dimension that wasn't cut from Crash Twinsanity. There was also supposed to be an Evil Coco and a Good Cortex.
  • The initial origin behind the character was vastly different, as he was supposed to be Crash Bandicoot himself after undergoing a temporary mutation caused by a malfunctioning Psychetron. His gameplay involved an opposite version of Doc Amok, where he had to trigger hazards to hurt Cortex (who had also been turned into Good Cortex in the process).
  • There is an unlockable Evil Crash costume in Tag Team Racing. It's often referred to as Nega Crash.

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